Auto Transmission Repair

  • Full Transmission Service
  • Clutch Repairs & Replacement
  • Differential & Transfer Case (4WD) Service
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Inspection

When your transmission begins to malfunction or wear down, you need to repair the issue quickly. Has the issue looked at by a professional immediately? A number of these problems begin small and grow more prominent over time. Whether you need a minor fix or a rebuilt transmission, we’re the professionals to contact for support.

If your auto transmission slips between gear changes, you might have a transmission issue. An automobile transmission was made to hold effortlessly in every gear at predetermined speeds. If you move the selector to your automatic transmission to “Drive,” and the motor appears to be moving forward faster than the transmission, that’s a frequent symptom of a transmission issue.

Transmission Repair Services

  • Clutch Repair
  • Differential Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Transfer Case Repair

Caring for your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important aspects of keeping you safe on the road. We specialize in all types of transmission repair solutions, and we can ensure that your vehicle is running in top condition. We are the experts when it comes to transmission rebuilds and repairs. We have state of the art equipment, and our technicians go through constant training to stay up on the current transmissions and updates. We can rebuild CVT transmissions, Box Trucks, Foreign and Domestic transmissions, including Mercedes, BMWs, Audis Nissans, and More.

We use the latest in automotive technology to complete transmission repair work on both imports and domestics. We can also repair transmission problems on standards and automatics, meaning no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we can get the job done if it needs transmission repair. We guarantee that our transmission repair technicians will always provide you with all available options so that you can make the right choice for your vehicle and your budget, and our team strives to provide comprehensive customer service in all that we do.






Transmission Rebuild Shop

  • Rebuilding Your Original Transmission
  • Transmission Remanufactured
  • Transmissions Evaluation

No matter what vehicle you drive, if you do not replace the fluids or often get your Auto checked by a technician, you will see some wear and tear on your vehicle. Most of the time, if you drive your vehicle over 200,000 miles without servicing it, the engine or transmission will need a rebuild.

Automatic transmissions shift between gears automatically to optimize driving and changes gears based on the driver’s throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine speed, and vehicle load. Typical automatic transmissions have 4-5 forward gear ratios, a Reverse, Park, and Neutral gear. Shifting gears occur once the car is in Drive, and there is no need for a clutch pedal or gear shift like there is in a Manual transmission. Automatic transmission repair is complicated based on all the components that make it up, and you need to have any mechanical transmission issues properly assessed by auto mechanics.

A four-wheel (4×4) drive vehicle has differential gears, both front and rear axles, and a transfer case attached to the transmission. Four-wheel drive vehicles demand maintenance on the transfer case, front differentials, rear differentials, and transmission fluids.

If your vehicle has front-wheel drive, the engine drives the front wheels only. The power is routed through the transmission to the final movement, where it is split and sent to the two front wheels through the drive axles. The engine, transmission, and additional hardware are all located in the front of the car.

Driving a vehicle with a Manual transmission requires using the clutch pedal and gear shift to shift gears based on the car’s speed manually. Manual transmissions have been built with anywhere from two to eight gears. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the two main configurations for manual transmissions. Typically, manual transmissions require less maintenance than automatic transmissions.

Our team of technicians strives to remain current on the newest automotive technology. Our professionals have practical experience working with a vast array of vehicles. We utilize the latest diagnostic equipment in the marketplace, including original factory equipment.


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